The Leica III

The Leica III camera, introduced in 1933 at serial number 107601 and production ceased in 1939 at serial number 343100.

The camera is basically very similar to the Leica II but with the addition of slow shutter speeds which are controlled by a dial mounted on the camera front and cover the range 1 sec to 1/20.
carrying strap lugs were also incorporated on this model.
the rangefinder magnification was increased to 1.5x. The rangefinder can be adjusted for defective eyesight by a correction lever incorporated in the rangefinder eyepiece.
Black models have nickel plated controls whereas the chrome cameras have chrome controls.

The catalogue code word was AFOOV.

For illustration, Leica III cameras, one in black paint and nickel, 1938 issued, with nickel Elmar 3.5/50 and an another one in chrome, 1937 issued, with chrome Elmar 3.5/50 and  some accessories :

One of the very first Leicameter Weston, USA made, light meter, (in working order !) a VIDOM black & nickel second issue with collar in between the cone and cylinder, an Elmar 4/90 black paint, ELANG, a folding type viewfinder for the 90, SEROO & box, a folding type viewfinder for the 135, SYEOO & leather pouch, an Hektor 4.5/135 black paint, HEFAR, a WINTU, right angle viewfinder with leather pouch, a VIDOM, nickel with collar,
some catalogs from the 30‘ies.

A medium size carrying case, catalogue codeword EKOOZ, with Leica III camera, lenses and accessories suitable.

Illustration of a 1936 Berlin Olympic games Leica set :

A Leica III black paint and nickel with  PLOOT first model, OZYXO and original red box, Telyt 5/400 Tele lens TLCOO with reversible sunshade, filter red TGUOO with red box and a double cable release OZWTO with red box