Leica IIIf

1950 is the year of issue for the first Leica IIIf camera, LOOHN, with serial number 525001 and terminated in 1957 at number 825000, a production run of 184000 models (71000 black dial, 54000 red dial and 59100 red dial and delayed action).
Externally the camera looks like a IIIc but features a built in flash synchronization for expendable flash but also electronics units. It also features a film type indicator  built into the film winding knob.

The catalogue code word was LOOHN

Three main types :
First model Black Dial : synchronization flash 0-20 figures in black under the shutter speeds dial graduated in old style 1/30, 1/40, 1/60 etc.
illustrated  1951 issued model with : Summarit 1.5/50 lens, SOOIA, first model wearing the US patent for Taylor, Taylor & Robins, 1950 issued.
XOOIL, UVa filter with box XOONS, sunshade, CTOOM adjustable bracket fitted to the base of the camera for holding flash unit, with box, CEYOO, flash unit f synchronization, reflector folding like a fan, with boxes and instructions leaflet for synchronization system use on Leica IIIf.

Second model Red Dial, flash figures changed to red, featured new shutter speed scale 1/25, 1/50, 1/75 etc. shutter new design maximum speed 1/1000.
illustrated here with Summaron  f 5.6 / 2.8, UVa filter FIONA, straight sides VIOOH viewfinder with TGUOO, added lens, for 28 framing, SOB sunshade; accompanied by their genuine respective carton boxes.

Third model Red Dial with delayed action, production commenced in 1954 at number 685001, illustrated here with OKARO range finder contrast filter, Elmar 3.5/50 lens Red Scale, Summaron 3.5/35 lens SBLOO 35mm viewfinder, Summarex 1.5/85 lens with some respectives filters in their cardboxes and a Summicron 2/90 lens with UVa filter.

Illustrated a large carrying case EKOOZ for IIIf camera with lenses and the accessories available for